Media: Battle for Significance


How do you measure influence and credibility?

Media influencers are now subject to scrutiny, how many real followers do they have?

They paid to boost posts, raise fans and followers, but we can’t blame them as ad agencies used to measure on that obvious metric.

What is more critical now is conversion, do they even have significant solid base of communities? How much money can they contribute in sales?

This is unfair, as sales funnel should be a reinforcement of branding and not a direct job of the advertising or promotions. These are strategies and these involves the other composites of marketing 360, including experiential.

Setting the right expectations based from the marketing efforts. How heavily edited photos of persons or things can create havoc to your brand? #BenchUnderTheStars so let’s see the sales of underwears versus other retail brands not doing the fashion show.

Influence beyond numbers but of relevance to conversion. Can they get the right people coming in to the business? Check now on reputation.

I recently posted my observation to Justice League mall activation, how come that their models are inappropriate when you see Superman or Wonderwoman not in their best shape. Some commented that those in suits were big fans, but as moviegoers, we care about setting our expectations to a brand on how they do things to support our best experience. This is our money that cinemas are asking when we can simply watch these films in the comfort of our homes.

TVs, radio, print are now coming up with their own online channels but the biggest challenges that they have are their size and existing bureaucracy. Digital media is fast, why become part of something that’s too complicated and slow when anyone can be a media of his or her own. The real thing now is content… how creative and relevant is it?

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