A Walk in the Park

Intramuros is a timeless charm that gives us a concrete visual of Spanish colonial history. The strong fortress of the Intramuros Walls reminds us of sophisticated influence of its era.

An interesting walk to The Manila Cathedral. So how do you prepare yourself for this?

1) Wear something comfortable and men can do it with simple white shirt with a good fabric.

2) Jeans and you can wear red to step-up the game

3) Rubber shoes or sneakers to protect your feet from the walks.


4) Back packs, body bags for basic paraphernalia.


Plus the interesting dine-ins like the nearby restaurants of San Augustine Church. The stone-brick road is also enchanting.

Laser lights are playful

This is the same venue for the movie “Last Night” that stars Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga.

Thanks to Gabz (please like his page) for joining our side trip, unfortunately most establishments were closed due to ASEAN but like I’ve said, this was indeed a “Walk in the Park”

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