Creative Collaboration Between Countries

Couple of weeks ago, I met the team of Al Jazeera to feature exciting destinations and they collaborated with local media productions Channel Hue of Craig Lines. Lines is a three-time BAFTA for television and Royal Television Society awardee who has 22 years of experience in all kinds of filmmaking, mainly directing award winning prime-time British television drama series and writing, producing and directing many medium length and short films, which have had theatrical releases.

This is also in collaboration with Experience Travel and Living Magazine that assists the whole logistics and network along with local destinations in Makati, Cebu, Palawan and more.

The visit includes a royalty from Qatar who I can not disclose, however, we were very fortunate to have an amazing boost for our local tourism.

I would also like to extend our gratitude to Herald Suites Polaris for the very hospitable assistance and generosity. I particular have chose their venue since Poblacion is indeed a very interesting location for expats. If ever you want to check venue for a wonderful “in-the-City” staycation, visit their website here Herald Suites

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