Miss Universe is Miss South Africa

24132005_2002221616516048_1931710565400208855_oShakira is dancing the Waka Waka as the new Miss Universe is Demi-Leigh Neil-Peters. 1st runner-up: Colombia, Laura González and 2nd runner-up is Jamaica, Davina Bennet.

We from the Philippines are still grateful for the success of Ms. Rachel Peters and understandably it was one of the toughest competition in the universe and here are some selected personalities who showed love and support.


Personally, I find Miss Jamaica more impressive and heard that the audience booed when she was announced as runner-up. I love the concreteness of her answer and find the others below:

Question: What quality in yourself are you most proud of and how will you apply that quality to your time as Miss Universe?

Jamaica: Determination and drive as exemplified by her foundation for the deaf. Equal opportunities for all through Miss Universe platform.


Colombia: Incredibly passionate, compassionate and disciplined. She used these qualities as actress in Colombia. So, she will use it as the next Miss Universe.

South Africa: You have to be confident. Overcome many fears and be able to help other people overcome their fears.

If I were to answer:

It’s being resilient and tactful. We have so many things happening around us now and we have to see ourselves on how we could adjust and become part of the solution. I believe that as being an ambassador of peace and empowerment, I represent an image of confidence, knowledge and grace. With my words, as amplified by media (including social media) I can contribute to any purpose and if given a chance, I want to give hope and inspiration, extend some advice to every soul and source of love and kindness to those who needed it the most.

So by sharing this blog post, I want to celebrate the women around the universe that we acknowledge your hardwork, even beyond glamour, we recognize your sacrifices behind your smiles.

Congratulations to all the contestants and winners of Miss Universe 2017!

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