Game of Marketing by PMA

The Philippine Marketing Association did a 2-day event that is indeed creative and out-of-the-box.

  1. Theme is Game of Thrones as inspired by the sensational HBO TV series. Yes there was that iconic throne.
  2. Set-up is UnConference, indeed unconventional where attendees were encouraged more to participate and subject experts moderated the discussions.
  3. Gave us a lot of opportunities to socialize and network, imagine all brand stake holders to be working together.

I was excited to learn during the groupings particularly on how brands handle Media Influencers.

I’m able to share my insights as I handle numerous campaigns with media influencers that dates back since 2011.

Online has been my playground and I have been in various groups advocating blogging, e-commerce, LGBT empowerment, HIV/AIDS Awareness and handles numerous brands from retail, hotels and tourism, to media and more.

Who’s not yet online?!

Some may argue on paid apps for likes and followers but I believe it’s part of the Media Influencer investments. These are concrete evidences of dominance and keeping it high takes big responsibility.

It’s like trusting media ratings where they get respondents from where and who we don’t even know, do we get their surveys validated? NO!

Digital marketing is a profession, we analyze and we create exciting content online. If you get bored, your attention is driven to a pool of choices bigger than the channels of your cable.

This industry is growing, businesses will grow and even encourages more people to work from home. Make more entrepreneurs even from our younger people. Let’s support by respecting this industry by honoring rate cards, you got your choices anyway to choose traditional media however you can observe your lifestyle like:

  • When was the last time you listened to an AM/FM radio?
  • Bought or subscribed to newspaper or magazine?
  • Watched a TV series daily?

This time, we have an opportunity to dominate the world with our content! More Pinoys are getting the global attention since we do it better. Will you still be investing on media that are just easy to be ignored or thrown in the trash bins? Or tap a media influencer and get viral and help your sales conversion?

I can share more but please keep posted.

If you have more questions on how to attend the seminars of PMA, please visit this LINK

If you are interested to get my consultation and work with me to make your brand/s more exciting, please send me an email to

Thank you to CATPR for inviting me!

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