Christmas LOVE

This is one the seasons to fall in love or at least keep on dating before the year ends.

Stroll in the malls, open parks that are by this time are fabulously decorated for the occasion.

Imagine what he or she would look like? What’s he or she wearing or may not be wearing (sounds naughty right?!)

So how would you react?

Will you wink?

Smile or Smile back?

Give him your number?

Whatever… push go girl!!!

How close will you allow him to stare at you?

How long before you say those words:

“Yes koya?!” in such soft spoken girly voice 🤪

Just hold on to your purses/wallets, for safety purposes but hey just let it sink in.

Focus: look into his chinito eyes and loosen up.

Take a risk, everything is about taking chances and fall in love.

Fairytale? We have to allow ourselves to love and perhaps deserve to be loved back.


Venue: The Araneta Center

Models: Gillian Vicencio & Agassi Ching

Photos: Aldrin Mortiz Photography

For more images: click HERE

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