TNVS: Uber or Grab

I encourage people to #ThinkSmarter online and since we are in TNVs I always compare Grab and Uber and here are my tips:

How about bike?

1) Open both apps and check their prices

2) If not in a hurry, you may consider the “Share” or “Pool” para malay mo may cute na sumabay 🤣

– sometimes rate difference of ordinary trip compared to sharing is like 50%, if yes then it’s smart to choose Pool option, if it’s like PHP20 only I would rather do the solo trip.

3) Yesterday I had my trip from Makati to SM City Fairview at 12 noon.

Grab- PhP1,000 plus (ETA unknown unless you do Waze)

Uber- PhP 500 plus ( with an ETA of 2 hours)

4) I took Uber but it was completing a trip that would make me wait for almost 15 minutes.

5) for almost 2 hours I had a good conversation with my driver about politics and economics. Taray nagkaron ng free seminar.

6) Uwian time, I did the same and consistent si Grab sa higher price difference. Uber is barely PHP 600 while Grab is at PHP900.

I have observed that Grab offers point system and freebies with partner establishment and perhaps that will justify their rate difference compared to Uber but again correlating the needs of a passenger for safety, comfort and need for transport, it may seemed less of my priorities.

On Uber, my only concern now is it’s the company’s reputation. The recent years was about the bad publicity of its founder plus the recent breach in its information.

Both are alternative options of commuting like MRT, ordinary taxis and jeepneys, plus more. Again this is just based on experience and I don’t promote either so perhaps mas mataray lang ako to think on this issue. So hello December at mega traffic po.

Perhaps it’s also one of the best times to try biking for short distance right, good exercise too.


Model: Rendon Labador

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