Candili Foundation Relaunch



I have posted numerous blogs regarding the epidemic that we’re in, about HIV and AIDS.  I really believe that we should welcome more efforts in this advocacy knowing the challenges in demography since we are an archipelago. I recognize the efforts of our provinces and I feel the excruciating limitations.


In 2011, helping out during the start of The Love Yourself, some obstacles such as devoting our time and efforts to take our certification as certified counselors by DOH was critical. I am very thankful of my mentors and it paved the way for me to understand the issue and also the stigma that is used to ridicule the LGBT community.


Fast forward to 2017, I am happy to reconnect with my former student council officer, Barry Sumpio. Trained in the Student Affairs Office, we worked very hard to surpass obstacles. Then I met a fellow Illonga, former Senator Nikki Coseteng. She admitted that our time calls for basic recognition of Human Rights. I am still surprised of her charisma and energy.


The event also introduced me to Faustine Angeles Jr. a PLHIV, founder of Pedal for HIV. He is at his best physical condition, very healthy and vibrant. This is the state when people should realize that the virus may not be curable, but indeed treatable. With the right lifestyle and optimism, there is still hope… there is life!


Candili Foundation is based in Puerto Princesa and I met very nice friends joining the cause, another Ilongo – Manny Paspe (seated on my right) and joining us is the Millennial Hunk Rendon Labador, a true ambassador of health and wellness.


Barry earns a global certification as a HR practitioner who was based in Qatar, he has a beautiful daughter and very supportive family.

Let’s welcome more private initiatives and soon they will do more collaborations to various LGUs and NGOs in Puerto Princesa to address the situation.

Palawan is gifted with beautiful environment and tourists are invited in the place however, we need to empower our citizens to handle further favors that could abuse their health. I appeal to the regional leaders of DOT, DENR and more to focus their attention as this is already enforced by the national government. The people are very much aware of the situation and willing to assist projects to further develop the region.

To know more about Candili Foundation, please click here

World AIDS Day 2017

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