December is OFW Month

The video is heartwarming and allow me to share some important points regarding the challenges being faced by our families:
1) Parents to leave their children behind more greener pastures abroad
2) Children who have to adjust in the situation
3) Older siblings to assume “mature” role
4) The importance of maintaining good relationships amid distance.

This is reality and until our people can find better options to handle this, then perhaps we can just now settle on what we can do to make things better.

Let’s discuss this and remind us to use technology to bridge the gap.

Happy Holidays!


I’m really particular to beds, as a hotelier, I know if my sheets are fresh and comfy. Cosmopolitans are particular to sleep.

I always want to have a good rest no matter how short it may be, so for me, I always rely on Uratex and I recommend that to my brands since it’s locally made and has been with us for 50 years!

Makati Diamond in Ayala


Herald Suites Polaris, located in Makati Avenue


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