Fitness Army: Dressing the Strong Men

Since I have been involved in fitness through my friends, we met numerous groups who are passionate of being healthy. I’m not talking of my septuagenarian dad or Titos or Titas who monitors their blood sugar and hypertension, I’m talking of men who aims to be like demi-gods like Thor, or as strong as Captain America or more.

Our time has changed and I agree to their lifestyle provided that they are natural and avoids the risks brought by steroids.

Their struggles are real, especially when I observed Jormiel preparing for the Mutant Muscle Showdown. He is very strict to his diet, we leave him behind during our buffets.

Why come up with clothing apparels?

We feel that their clothes are boring and very limiting so I suggested for more patterns and colors.

We see hunks always naked (who’s complaining but city ordinances forbids them in public spaces, argh!). I also encounter intimidation from other folks to these gentle giants and wearing something cute makes them more congenial and the reception was received very well.

The most important part is that we also empower, the fabrics are all local, done by people from Cainta, Rizal. I encouraged more brilliant entrepreneurs for a collaboration, and that’s how the brand has evolved. Let’s show the world what we really have what it takes to be fit and fashionable!

ASEAN Summit has been very clear, we aim to open the economy and encourage more Filipinos to take advantage of it. We are making things work here.

Please support Filipino products this Christmas and let’s empower our SMEs.

Please visit our Facebook page here to order


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