Celebrity Rooms at Icon Hotel

Legends are either born or made

Quezon City is a very interesting place, what else can be more glittery if you are in the City of Stars?

JM de Guzman looks more fresh these days
JM Guzman is back and have you seen his latest commercial about Acer?

It was a rainy Monday that lasted overnight and we were scheduled to celebrate at Palm Grill for a Christmas party.

The past few weeks have been very challenging in TNVS either Grab or Uber, aside from surge and long time of waiting, I just couldn’t bear getting stucked in traffic.

Good thing I checked online the nearest and budget-friendly hotel that also offers buffet breakfast and two beds for me and my friends (yes I asked for another single bed that still is manageable in our Deluxe room)

Gabz Gepte, a good friend visiting us

Beyond expectations-

  • Decent and clean, I could elaborate more but what else is more important than a good fresh ambiance, clean sheets, and neat bathroom.
  • Celebrity Theme, I got Brooke Shields!
  • Buffet breakfast that lasts until 10am
  • Spa facilities – ongoing improvements and it features swimming pools, jacuzzi, Steam room and sauna with showers
  • Decent and superb Massage services , for PhP200.00 only I got an hour of relaxation
  • Also features PWD friendly facilities

It’s all about accessibility to best attractions and since it’s located within the QC circle so I was able to simply walk to my favorite restos.


The hotel is budget-friendly and better ask all details such as the access to the spa or pool facilities and buffet breakfast.

Some rates online may appear cheaper but non-inclusion of basics will be an add-on.

Click the website here

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