Media Influencers of 2017


The list includes media personalities who have created a viral content and impact online in their own respective niches and allow me to justify them.

Lloyd Cardena

His Facebook fan page is aiming to reach 5 million fans very soon, with books launched and two Youtube channels that combines 1 million subscribers, 169k followers in Twitter, almost 500k in Instagram and many more. He has promoted movies and various retails brands.

He is very fun to watch and he knows his creative content execution

Sinon Loresca

With ore than 1 Million Facebook Fans and almost 500k fans in Instagram, the Catwalk King is a creative catwalk mogul in both local and international events for LGBT Pride and more. He is part of TAPE’s Eat Bulaga and GMA 7 features him in various TV shows to hype more good vibes in their shows. He also appeared in various movies and promoted brands like Traveloka, Cebu Pacific, SM Supermalls and many more. He also appeared in various international websites including GQ, making him a true international sensation!

Kimpoy Feliciano

Leading to 3 million Facebook fans, quarter a million subscribers in YouTube, 1.5 Million in Twitter, almost half a million in Instagram, our OFW media influence from Bulacan who recently transferred to Australia coming from New Zealand is truly an adorable online celebrity. His perseverance to have finished a double degree in college also made him very smart.

Madam Kilay

A love story that inspired more hopeless romantics, who also struggled abroad to provide the needs of her children by working overseas. 1.5 million Facebook fans and a good start of of 50k subscribers in Youtube. You can see so much love optimism in her

Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero

The two siblings define cuteness, a true face of Millennials who are so great in musical dance and truly always exciting to watch.

Both have a maega fandom online ( that even YouTube included Niana in its annual Rewind) Ranz have almost 5 million Facebook fans while Niana has exceeded 6 million. Youtube subscribers with a combined 5 million subscribers plus Twitter and Instagram making them the most sensational online icons in Philippines with various brand sponsors.

Rendon Labador

Fitness is indeed a niche but if you reach more than a million fans, with promising very creative content in Instagram and Youtube, male models can definitely run once the 6’3″ moreno and muscle chiseled demi-god walks in. The only Filipino ambassador of MuscleMania, Mutant Supplements of Canada, Old Spice and various global brands taps him for his strong sales conversion. This guy knows his charm can even boost his own apparel Fitness Army

The list is based on my own observations, you may put your comments and suggestions below. I am lucky to have worked or collaborated with some of them while I really am looking forward to meet the rest and discover more curators in the near future.

Of course we have our Kris Aquino who successfully reinvented herself plus Atom Araullo who will be coming up with an online channel #Adulting and this only proves that society and Millennials have gone away from the traditional consumption of media. Why wait for time slots or be in between network wars when you as a creative talent would only want a good connection to your audience.

Is advertising more difficult? It is simply progressing to more genuine and fun.

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