Why I Miss Misamis Occidental?

I consider myself as a reluctant traveler, why? My ideal vacation is really just sleeping and a good time to read a good book, watch movies on Iflix or Netflix, listen to Spotify and a good playtime with my dogs.

If given a chance to travel, I really want it plain and simple with lighter bags to carry. However, in my industry both tourism and media, I am very meticulous in customer service and branding.

My recent exploration in Misamis Occidental was a unique experience. I checked various properties and attractions and ate in every tour stop. I was also privileged to meet the mayors and tourism officers.

Misamis Occidental shows strong likability to me due to the following:

  • Roman Catholic believers, the Churches were built during Spanish colonization
  • Seafood – crabs with “aligue”, squids, lechon or roasted pork
  • City surrounded by nature
  • Wonderful people

Most of all, I see great opportunities for business especially it has a promising ecosystem.

My short stay was mesmerizing but at the same time made me think that provinces like this shows good indication that people can live better, perhaps simpler, indeed happier.

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