This is Me: Think Smarter

A couple of years ago, I have learned that personal branding is truly important in presenting yourself to the public and it can pave the way in your various career pursuits either corporate or in business.

Public perception is very critical and from that aspect you can project your strengths.

In today’s digital media, we can observe that the media channels like televisions, radio, print (billboard, broadsheets, tabloids and magazines) are struggling to exist since the attention of the audience is very much engaged online. Aside from the fact that cost is being reduced, the offering of entertainment is more personal.

When mega personalities are now determined by number of followers and are now further measured with statistics, brands become more meticulous in choosing their options that is more targeted and can be more relevant to their customers and appropriate to their brand persona.

#ThinkSmarter use online at your advantage, this is not for celebrities alone, but on how you can show your best image that supports your career path.

You’re a doctor? Then show some clues that you’re efficient in health services.

You’re a singer? Then do song covers in YouTube and make Facebook Page.

You own a business like restaurant? Then show us your menu, the testimonials of your clients that they love your food!

There’s a thin line between humility and meekness. With so many ideas happening online, then you simply have to share more of your brilliant ideas online.

If you’re tired reading fake news or you want to keep your optimism online, we have to be more confident to share our expertise.

This is one of the reasons why I encourage smart folks to contribute more online. Make online smarter.

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