Make Your Brand Preferred by Youth

In my recent discussions regarding tourism, I often encounter a neglect on targeting Millennials, and this is where I shared a simple scenario on how they buy their groceries at home.

I asked parents on what are their considerations in choosing products and they said: price, brand loyalty, accessibility or availability, etc.

I asked, how about referrals? They said yes and in a family household, who makes choices?

They said, the parents of course!

I said “Really? Are you asking or observing your kids what they want to eat, other wants or needs?”

As parents, don’t you feel that making your kids happy is more of your priority, if not your responsibility?

Now you can observe that most of your purchases, as parents, are more on considering what your kids want or need.

So if kids are your influencers, those who you usually ask to do errands for you. Don’t you think they can also your best target?

In this post, I’m referring to kids who are capable to book online when asked by their parents.

Therefore, the brands who appeal more desirable to the youth are most likely to be preferred by their parents.

So those baby faces and child-like attitude are your gateway for your sale.


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