Diversity in Theater “GEE-GEE AT WATERINA Ang Musikal”

2 - GEE-GEE AT WATERINA --- FINAL POSTERWaterina eagerly waits for his gay politician friend, Gee-Gee. He soon arrives, bearing with him a check – the payment for the film rights to the life story of Waterina, the soon-to-be-famous “comfort gay”.

As the two mull over the prospects of their newly acquired wealth, they launch into a comfortable tirade of each other’s flaws and frailties. In the midst of the teasing and mockery, they are faced with a question: how does one measure his worth?
Waterina distresses, “Would the people cry or laugh when they watch my movie? Would they feel pity or admiration? Would they think the movie is worth their money? Who would I be to them? An aging homosexual? Just that?”

In the final assessment of his life’sworth, Waterina swears that he is what he is: no more, no less. He again contemplates on the check, only to be distracted by the sight of a beautiful young man with a radiant smile.

Bench Ortiz, Mr. Gay World Philippines 1st Runner-up, joins onstage for this beautiful theatrical performance

In line with the 4th season of Artist Playground, the stage is all set to open the company’s first Original Pinoy Musical “GEE-GEE AT WATERINA ANG MUSIKAL” on August 18, 2018 – 8 pm at Arts Above, Artist Playground II, 112 West Venue Bldg., West Avenue, Quezon City.

GEE-GEE AT WATERINA ANG MUSIKAL will feature an all-new original music composed by Jesse Lucas, based from the story, book and lyrics by J. Dennis C. Teodosio, and and choreography by Lezlie Dailisan will be directed by Andrew de Real.

The roles of GEE-GEE AT WATERINA will be portrayed by Roeder Camanag as Waterina, a ‘comfort gay’ during Japanese Occupation in the Philippines and one of Gee-gee’s Golden Gays. Norman Penaflorida will essay the role of Gee-Gee, an entertainment actor, radio host and a councilor of Pasay City.

The ensemble of Gee-Gee at Waterina are as follows: Bench Ortiz, Joseph Dela Cruz, Nel Gumalog, Romeo Palma Jr., and Sean Nolasco.


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