OST Gusto Kong Umuwi by Yeng Constanino

Yeng C

I sat down with Yeng Constantino for this particular project in “Balik Pinas Balik Saya”. I shared with her my memories of “Hawak Kamay” and how her song is perhaps one of the most important songs of my generation.

Prior of meeting Yeng, I also have listened to her tracks in Spotify, particularly of her Synesthesia album. Why? It’s important that we should know our friends who we are working with. It became also handy in understanding the creative artist as it jives to the objectives of our project.

Yeng is very brilliant, charming and humble. I also would like to extend my admiration to the team of Miss Ayen of Star Magic. We love dealing with them and brings me so much memories during my stint of my OJT in ABS-CBN.

Why Yeng?

When our team sat down, we discovered that she can relate with the objectives of our campaign – Yan Asuncion, her husband, comes from family of balikbayans and they totally understand why vacation in the country is very important as part of their bonding.

She has the soul for being a real musical genius! She composed and performed it herself. Even during the time of adjusting the song… she is impeccable!

What else have we discovered about Yeng?

She is now vegan, her style is very refreshing more mature, simple but more beautiful.

*Let me come to her defense, I love her here since she performed onstage to pay tribute to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin and Yeng is beyond any outfit…she’s a real complete package as an artist!


What is Balik Pinas Balik Saya?

It assures our balikbayans to experience a quality of service while they visit our country during their short stay for vacation and experience the warm accommodations of being back home.

You want to know more?

Please watch here and click the link below

Please visit www.balikpinasbaliksaya.com.ph

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