PETA Theater Presents: Smart Satire Comedy of Jon Santos

05First time to watch him Live and truly it was an amazing teaser! This is not your typical comedy spoof, it would make you think whether you are sensitive of your political affiliations, Trumperte is a smart and entertaining. Definitely worth of buying those tickets and please refrain from taking digital content during the show. So put those smartphones down, because it wouldn’t make you a smart audience if you missed those very funny scenes.

A media friend from the audience did ask Jon Santos, “How far can you go with impersonation, and are you somehow reluctant to offend anyone?”

09I have been impersonating characters for years and it seemed to be a big hit during elections. I have performed right before all personalities and even presidents of the administration and so far they ended up laughing.01 (1)Jon can be imeldific as former First Lady or sultry sensational influencer turned government employee and perhaps aspiring politician, or can be as a USA 🇺🇸 first couple (yes 2 of them). #Trumperte is very witty, humorous, and indeed very smart so I highly recommend it to all #ThinkSmarter

DSC_0239For tickets, please visit this link


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