2019 Travel Trends: Travel with a Purpose

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“More than ever people want to travel with a greater sense of purpose,” says Deborah Calmeyer, CEO and founder of Africa travel specialist Roar Africa.

Allow me to summarize what most references have pointed out:

1) Easy to book with attractive itineraries that highlights experience

a. Food
b. Heritage or arts
c. Fun activities
d. Social responsibility or sustainable tourism

2) More travel in 2019
3) Choose venue that are visually exciting and reasonable
4) Well informed tour guide
5) Have a good documentation for visuals

For more information, allow me to summarize each articles as I have linked respectively.

Micro trips – 53 per cent of global travellers plan to take more weekend breaks in 2019.


Technology-fuelled trips – 76 per cent of the 500 people surveyed relying on their smartphones to research upcoming trips
Architectural icons – destinations that are home to immersive architectural monuments
Reference: The National

  1. Less is more and cheaper
  2. Destination-worthy amenities
  3. Food experience

Reference: The Manual

Trips with a purpose will become more popular in 2019, with 68 per cent of global travellers considering taking part in cultural exchanges to learn a new skill, followed by a volunteering trip (54 per cent) and international work placements (52 per cent).
In 2019, two fifths of travellers (42 per cent) plan to visit a destination that makes them feel like a child again.

Reference: Elle.com

70% of people think that trips where you have new experiences are more important than those where you see all the sights.
61% of people agree that being in places with large crowds is a negative aspect of travel.

The Good Life study showed that more than half of people think travel is enjoyable but stressful. With our bespoke itineraries and dedicated Travel Directors guiding the way.

In today’s digital age, more of us are turning to social media for destination inspiration and trip ideas – however, consumers scrolling through their Instagram feeds are becoming savvier about travel images that are staged, over-edited and lacking authenticity.

History, culture, local experience, and the love for adventure are supported by the following references:

National Geographic

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