Puppy Love in Shapes & Sizes

I started very young since I got fond of pets. My parents believed that pets can make us more mature and responsible by taking care of them.

From giving them a bath or grooming to feeding and medical attention, it would really be nice to be caring.

I recently got a pitbull and it has a misconception of being temperamental but I suggest this type of dogs if you have a strong personality and energy to handle such breed since it also needs a lot of physical training or exercise.

What are your considerations for pets?

  • Space of your home
  • Lifestyle – are you very active outdoors or just wanted to have a pet to keep you entertained indoors?
  • Budget – grooming is important, so the furrier pets needs more attention, plus food. Size does matter, the bigger would mean bigger stomach however some small pets might have more sensitive diet that could also be more expensive than the regular

Mixing your priorities or criteria could help you determine what type of pet. This is not just for dogs but to all types of household pets.

Exotic pets?

Let’s choose something we can easily handle and there are pets that are under protection of wildlife which our local agencies consider as endangered.

Be responsible

We have seen a lot of ruthless people online who are abusing pets or animals, you have to be smarter that these days people can take videos or photos of them and could create a derogatory impact to their misbehaviors.


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