Bukidnon: From Pineapples to its Amazing Culture & So Much More

Part of Region 10, gifted with amazing agricultural resources and natural biodiversity, Bukidnon is mostly famous for its pineapple due to Del Monte farm, and there are more farms that also produces more interesting flavors of pineapple products such as the Kampo Juan by former Presidential Adviser for Environmental Protection Secretary Neric Acosta. ( I’ll talk more about it in my succeeding post, more of the 7 important artifacts)

I found it very interesting on his admiration for old houses such as the 120-year old house that accommodates most of his artifacts. He spoke with such conviction about history and his voice reminded me a resemblance with newscaster Ted Failon and the candid gestures of Kim Atienza. I meant these references as good, especially if he wishes to be back in politics soon. (Unsolicited advice). I can sense his passion about our heritage and culture.

The destination is such a cool place amid the scorching summer heat in most places in Luzon, particularly in Manila. At night, it even rains making the location a comfortable relaxation bliss.

Given the acres of vast lands in Bukidnon, I was fortunate to visit various farms that even promotes natural or organic farming.

Atugan Nature Farm is owned by Roque family and there I was welcomed by local tribes who were just performing a special ceremony for guests. Most mountaineers frequent the place as starting point before hiking.

Another beautiful venue is the Bukidnon Roadhouse Cafe Courtyard owned by Montesclaros. The business chain also owns the Double M Hotel that has a spacious lobby and serves delectable buffet breakfast that’s perfect for business and leisure accommodations.

One unforgettable visit in Bukidnon is the Monastery of Transfiguration where I met the former renowned couture Bang Garcia, a protege of Patis Tesoro, who is now known as the monk Dom Martin Gomez, OSB. He created the very impressive enculturation of the sacred vestments of the clergy that were showcased abroad. He has a very interesting biography so please check those articles in my credits.

Philippines has a lot of interesting provinces and Bukidnon takes pride of its indigenous tribes, colorful culture and the abundant natural resources that we should protect as we continue to progress.

COO of Tourism Promotions Board, Marie Venus Tan, carries the same objectives of the Department of Tourism that promotes sustainable tourism and environmental awareness, plus inclusivity from all sectors.

Just imagine all Philippine destinations that can easily be visited now through domestic airports and seaports, plus more infrastructures of roads, we can really soon connect all of our islands and observe more empowered communities who can enjoy the economic impact of tourism. Although it also reminds us to beaware of our responsibilities too, protect our culture and identity as these are amazing stories that we can impart to our children.

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This is your Digital Tourism Advocate, @liberatingjepoy and see you very soon! #ThinkSmarter


Read his interview with Pierre Cardin here


From fabric to embroidery: Dom Martin Gomez returns with his celebrated exhibit of liturgical vestments


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