Tony Labrusca Recall

The Glorious actor had a good 2018 but the instant iWant TV hit was immediately in career catastrophe when DFA and immigration already put an attention to his working papers (he is dealing with his citizenship since he carries an alien passport) due to a report of misbehavior from NAIA.

Unfortunately some of his colleagues made some remarks online and that didn’t improve the case. He really needs a good PR to turn it around and his online accounts plus more influencers can do the trick.

Whatever his personal tribulations are, a real talent should rise above it all.

Perhaps it was a clear lesson to celebrities, his online accounts are now tamed but hey, don’t stop sharing interesting contents. As they say, critics are your biggest fans too!


  • Ride on something timely and relevant like watching Avengers Endgame just don’t post a spoiler!!!
  • Salute to bigger online celebs, everybody wants to see affirming their idols and for a newbie, he should be generous to appreciate efforts from others
  • Make something funny online, people loves humor but just be sensitive to gender, politics, religion or beliefs
  • Stop PR seeding, people wants genuine content and that’s what your social media accounts are made for

Who says entertainment industry is easy?! So you got a shot of instant fame, now work harder for longevity.


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