Pinoy Movies will Get Better – Liza Dino FDCP

Finally, movie screenings will have more chance to be watched particularly every weekends! The Film Development Council of the Philippines, Mrs. Liza Dino- Seguerra has acted on the long time request of the movie industry to assist longer movie runs. Currently, we start new movie screenings every Wednesdays and poor selling tickets usually last only a day and who watches every Wednesdays right?

What are the other merits?

The first three days of a film’s run are also guaranteed “full screens,” as opposed to “screen splitting” where two films share the same cinema and have alternating schedules within the day.

The youth are encouraged to watch more

Students aged 18 years and below can enjoy movie tickets priced at P200 each in Metro Manila, and a maximum of P150 in provinces on Wednesdays, once the memorandum circular takes effect.

We remain hopeful that by implementing this, we can encourage more producers and actors to venture to more creative content.

When will this start?

After the full contents of the circular has been released in a national newspaper this June 25, the policies and guidelines will take effect fifteen (15) days thereafter.

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