Tourism and Health Advocacy

Rarely people talk about health impact of Tourism, particularly on how it changes the culture of communities involved as they charm various tourists worldwide.

Prostitution, illegal drugs, aside from environment concerns are just few things to consider once a destination opens it doors to various strangers.

Since 2011, as I gained my certification as HIV Counselor by DOH, coming also from a family of medical practitioners, I cannot deny the fact the urgency for everyone to practice safe sex and understand one’s sexuality.

As I lead Rainbow Connection Travel Organizations (the tourism subgroup of the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce) , we should encourage our corporate colleagues to understand the situation in the epidemic of HIV and AIDS by encouraging tests and also to extend medical support rather than discrimination.

I Am FEARLESS, I Am for Diversity and Inclusive Tourism

Jeoff (aka Liberatingjepoy) has a diverse leadership roles in tourism, fitness, media and business. He has been involved in various advocacy in education, health and gender diversity. He joined the Photoshoot to support the call to action for HIV Awareness.

On another side of concerns, we should also address Mental Health and understand depression. Paulo Avelino shared a very personal info in his Instagram.

How come a very admired and fantasized male celebrity could ever be depressed right?

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