BaeDay: January 2020

It was a cool Facebook page just to bring our admiration to the charmers online. Every month, we will be featuring at least 3 personalities on the following categories:

  1. Local celebrity
  2. Social media influencer
  3. International Bae
Sky Quizon Instagram

Our local celebrity for now is the very smart and gorgeous PBB summacumlaude from UP, Sky Quizon! Yes he is soooo cute that you just want to see him on your mobile screens and moms would approve.

Our next is the TikTok influencer from Pampanga, Yosu Ico. He dances s cute that you just wish he’s someone you can tag along anywhere you go.

Lastly the Calvin Klein and hot crooner behind Senorita, Shawn Mendes. From his sounds to visuals, you know he has a lot to offer.

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