Doctors On Call: Flu and Anti-Pneumonia Vaccinations

As we observe the global pandemic strikes across nations and industries, Covid-19 vaccine remains to be a pursuit of all leading pharmaceutical and hospital laboratories.

The virus could only be dealt with scientific approach and healthcare is the top priority however we are now observing larger movements of people as our local leaders are easing the quarantine, allowing more business establishments to open, and between June to September, schools will now proceed with their academic programs – all of these things will happen while there is no Covid-19 vaccine and with very limited testing kits.

There’s more effective ways to protect ourselves from COVID19

Experts on infectious disease supports that inoculations against influenza and pneumococcal diseases provide protection from the severe complications of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19). Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (PFV) Director Dr. Lulu Bravo in one of her interviews said the vaccine for flu as well as anti-pneumonia shots were akin to a “face mask and a personal protective equipment that shield one’s body against Covid-19 complications. When Covid patients have secondary infections like influenza, and sometimes bacterial, like pneumococcal disease, that could actually make it more severe.”

During the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General’s media briefing on COVID19 last April 27, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, “With the start of the southern hemisphere flu season, it’s vital that everyone gets their seasonal flu vaccine.”

People older than 65 are most at risk and could die of either flu or COVID-19. Influenza also causes severe disease in young children. This is different to COVID-19, which has so far caused very few fatalities in children under nine. Pregnant women and people with HIV or other immune suppressive conditions are at high risk for severe disease and even death due to influenza. People with underlying health conditions may also experience COVID-19 more severely.

It would appear that COVID-19 has a higher fatality rate (1%-5%) than influenza (less than 0.5%).

Jeoff Solas, a hotelier and health and wellness advocate advised “Consult a doctor, only get your vaccines as administered by licensed medical professionals.” With a lot of unregulated online sellers, vaccines should be handled meticulously such as packaging and transporting the items on a certain temperature. Coming from a family of medical doctors and most of them are now part of the medical frontliners, I have been observing their precise and scientific implementation while other industries are not as observant on these protocols, yet we have to proceed with our businesses amid the absence of cure.”

The Pandemic Medical Clinic aims to gather medical professionals to administer the vaccines within their areas as doctors waive their professional fees and even transportation to facilitate vaccination.

Why are they doing this?

The group mentioned that “We are living in our respective communities and hopefully we wanted to be healthier to combat the pandemic and it’s great to know that global leaders are asking for the Covid-19 vaccination for free but as we anticipate its discovery, we still have to hold on to safety and sanitary guidelines and to boost our immunity.”

The mobile clinic is providing two (2) shots both influenza (flu vaccine that is good for 1 year) and pneumococcal (anti-pneumonia vaccine good for 3-5 years), you get your doctor consultation too in your own private space. It is important to set an appointment first as itineraries are set per area and vaccines have to be secured. To contact Pandemic Mobile Clinic: 09565110430 / e-mail

We can only go back to our respective businesses, even attend to our recreational activities with confidence when this is over, the virus should be dealt by science and we need to think smarter.

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