Not All Opinion Matter

We encounter a lot of opinion, from some personalities who speak their minds , to traditional politicians (Trapo), after all 2022 national elections is coming and they have learned that during this time of crisis, money and position are power.

Be very smart, trust only credible people and start conversations with your friends and family, use your platform not just to argue but to educate. #ThinkSmarter

I have no intention to ridicule professions but what is preposterous is for them to assume facts when they fail to gather the correct information. Sometimes I also despise some interviews of those who have criminal records just to get their opinion for some public interests. Just ignore them and don’t ever forget the misfortunes they brought to our lives just like corruption. We should give our precious attention to those who really matter.

To have a better future, we should divert our attention to those who are persevering and brilliant.

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