BL series: Gameboys features the Best Actors

These are some of the IdeaFirst recent works
A very notable triumph for Elijah that makes him one of the country’s best actors if this generation.

The IdeaFirst Company is one of the brilliant productions that have been creating wonderful movies in the recent years, particularly during the lockdown.

New names but powerful acting! This makes the series very interesting.

What’s missing? Fans are asking for more souvenirs to reminisce the episodes like songs or covers. So far it has 3 songs from Emerzon Texon and here’s the link from Spotify

The 2 male lead actors, Kokoy De Santos and Elijah Canlas are a powerhouse itself that even it’s just a “virtual chat” that is very relevant these days, the managed to convince the viewers of their genuine romantic connection, both actors are showcasing very convincing performance compared to other love teams of this generation.

Star power is in the acting 🎭

I have high hopes for this production and hopefully the attention will be sustained strong enough for the producers to support for either an extension or another season.

Ads don’t need to be executed “on your face” it just needs a moment since audience are smarter these days.

One significant support is from advertisers and hoping they could beef up more sponsors that will only be enticed is they have more promotional activities. Although product placement during the show is a no-brainer but I hope the director won’t allow shallow exposure within the scenes, instead should be more of an extended content after all we can all be more generous online and let the fandom do its magic!

Alex Diaz and Koloy De Santos, the BL actors have more opportunities after their amazing performance

Enough said, generally happy and I wanted to see more from this show 📺 that eventually the fandom will continue to siloort even after the pandemic, the actors deserve such admiration!


Jeoff Solas

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