SY 2020-2021 Pushes to October 5 Opening as per DepEd

Parents need to assist their children at home especially those who are in elementary or primary education. Giving them access to the internet would expose them to cyber threats.

Some 23 million learners have enrolled for the upcoming school year, 21 million of whom are in public schools or 95 percent of last year’s figure, according to DepEd data presented to the Senate.

The enrollment figure remained dismal in private schools with only 1.5 million enrolled learners, or 36.1 percent from last year’s 4.3 million.

I understand the decision as this will be necessary to protect not just the exposure of the children to the virus but also of the working professionals like the teachers who may need to report to school in order to submit printed modules so that these materials can be cascaded to students who don’t have either access to gadgets and internet. Indeed there are further concerns when it comes to preparations aside from the fact that we are still waiting for the vaccine.

Poverty not just by resources from the families of students sourcing for gadgets but also referring to the scarcity of internet and telecommunications.

Setting up the study area is important so we can make the learning task more comfortable
Here I place my working desk next to my niece so we can monitor her progress. Slowly we acquire additional gadgets. I prefer Lenovo Yoga since it’s child-friendly due to touch technology. TIP: Add elements of fun to capture their attention.

I used to teach in college back in 2014 and there are only few Academicians and universities took the urgency to use online platforms to enhance learning. Due to this constraint, the skills of educators are very limited to adjust to the current pandemic situation.

I also believe that teachers would need to be more conscious as they teach online, aside that their session can be recorded, some parents who might hold better understanding of the subject course will also be attending their class.

On the other side, this is also an opportunity for parents to study and learn new things or perhaps refresh their scholastic interests. I have a niece who’s now enrolled in a music class which I also enjoy attending. 😊

The next question is… will they be ready by then or would just rather cancel the 2020 school year instead?


Jeoff Solas

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