Plantitos & Tetanus

Culver Padilla, the hottest plantito in IG

It’s a good craze that finally city folks are talking about greeneries aside from their plates.

David Guison may be confined indoors but plants make a good background for a pictorial

When people are now becoming conscious of planting or gardening, either ornamental or edible, it helps to address global warming.

Summa Cum Laude Sky Quizon is perhaps preparing a good topic for his Vlog

If you want to look into gardening or farming as a serious thing then you must consider getting a tetanus vaccine.

We love Inigo Pascual’s musicality and Tiktok videos and being a plant bagets makes him an ideal BF just like his father, Piolo Pascual

What is tetanus? It’s a bacteria that lives in the soil called Clostridium tetani. This bacteria is in animal excrement, in the soil, and sometimes in your homes. The vaccine to address it is really ideal.

Joaquin Manansala knows how to dress the plantito style

Gardeners should get a tetanus shot if they can, or a booster shot. Remember to take good care of yourself, your family since plants depend on you!

Ending this article with our almost Adam in the paradise, Culver


Jeoff Solas

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