Still2gether with BrightWin

Who from these pairs you wanted to have their own BL series?

Finally we can watch #STILL2GETHER on GMMTV’s YouTube channel along with a simultaneous release on iWant! Set your alarm at 10:30 PM Flag of Philippines Time and let’s be part of the BrightWin magic Red heart #ยังคั่นกู #ยังคั่นกูEP1

Celebrating the BrightWin love team, that’s worldwide fandom!

Get ready on Twitter and use the hashtag #Still2getherEp1 #Still2gether

COMING SOON! General Fitness PH

We believe that everybody wants to be healthier, however, we lose the main science and the right behavior to make things safer and more effective. We will feature NOTABLE professionals who understands human anatomy, genetics, mental health as we assist your dietary requirements for nutrition to form a better behavior for consistency.
We tap community of MEDICAL doctors to back up the trainings provided by fitness coaches to make your health goal more effective and sustainable.
We offer MEMBERSHIP, for you to avail EXCLUSIVE and personalized content just like medical consultations, prescriptions and other laboratory clinical requirements. This is also your PRIVILEGE as members for more discounts and perks as we expand your advantages with our partners.

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