Filipino Fans of Still2gether series trends their Disappointment with iWant

The most awaited Thai BL (Boys Love) sequel of 2getherTheSeries, Still2gether was dubbed in Filipino. The admired voices of the real cast, particular with the lead actors Bright Vachiwarit and Win Metawin, were dubbed in local language was unfortunately unwanted.

As the cliche goes, “don’t change what works” is the applicable advice.

Many netizens on Twitter expressed their disappointment.

But why should we be surprised? The trailer of Still2gether was dubbed in Filipino as part of its promotions of iWant. Why look for YouTube if ABS-CBN can’t benefit from it? Well these are just some of the business point of view.

Now moving forward due to this feedback, will Kapamilya Channel, which is now operating online due to the termination of franchise from NTC and House of Congress, would listen to the fans of this very popular Thai series?

Let’s wait and see. Meanwhile, enjoy the images shared by fans online as it trended #1 on Twitter!

Pancit Canton?!!! 🤣😊

I was also not comfortable with the dubbing but anyway I can always check on other videos that GMMTV has, except for this, that still have their original voices with English subtitles.

For this 1st episode, I’m happy for what I have seen so far 😊🌈


Jeoff Solas

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