BaeDay continues to feature more Cute Boys for Inspiration during the Pandemic

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Cute boys everyday!
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The page started late last year and continues to entertain fans by featuring cute boys and recently has expanded to other foreign lads.

The Baes are coming from all walks of life, they work very hard.

“Filipinos are more conservative in flaunting their charms and taking selfies. I guess they have to see the activity as humanitarian especially during this pandemic”, the editor Jeoff Solas shared.

BaeDay is inclusive and we understand that nobody needs to be perfect, we just have to observe how they do things better

What are the criteria to be featured?

It’s quite vague to create a criteria on appeal but basically it’s more of visuals and on how the boys present their personality online. If ever they are more charismatic in person, then that’s amazing. One distinct criteria that BaeDay differs from the rest is on how we stay away from scandals. We have to make sure that the boys are not involved in any scams or in any illegal and indecent activities, that’s why we have to claim that so far we are giving a spotlight to looks and attitude. The latter one is tough, but again it’s what we get to find about them online.

Since BL series has been a global phenomenon, particularly in Thailand, so we expanded our features

We make sure that our posts are something you can proudly say decent, but creative and still hot!

Filipinos are often shy to try upload selfies and we really depend on IG or Twitter whoever seems to be popular but still we check the quality and we don’t agree with too much filters or edits

What was the inspiration?

We grew up with Cosmo Hunks and Candy Cuties but this time we just have to crowdsource from people themselves.

Baeday wants to promote the accounts of these boys either they become influencers or real actors. We wanted to support their careers

What to look forward?

I want to host an event where we could support and recognize outstanding Baes who embodies optimism from looks to attitude. We admire the likes of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, Manila City Mayor Isko Domagoso, Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto and truly alot more, they definitely have the looks and good careers. Hope this can help our Baes in discerning professional endeavors.

Again we go beyond looks, we celebrate with their achievements!

We also have a BaeDay Group, perhaps we are looking for more submissions or entries there.

We wanted to open more opportunities, online we can tap global fandom

We have many information online and we hope to grow further to pave more opportunities to others as well.

Baeday will feature more inspiring boys that mostly we can agree on

Cute boys everyday!
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