BL Series Hello Stranger is the Sweetest Story During the Pandemic

Updated as of August 16, 2020 (added the music video):

Just attended the Hello Stranger Fancon which is exclusive only at and it’s confirmed that there will be a movie!

It may be unexpected but Hello Stranger has proven that there is a strong fan base for BL series
Wow they got engaged LIVE! (Friendship ring as Tony confesses)

Do you want to see them kiss? Read further 🙂

JC Alcantara has the charms that seems very refreshing

Black Sheep makes an unusual revelation during the lockdown of the pandemic by giving us Hello Stranger that features JC Alcantara and Tony Labrusca in a BL series.

Tony Labrusca is one of the most fantasized hunks of this generation, given with a demi-god visuals that is already known to be Glorious! If you aim a show to be tempting enough, put Tony and immediately it will be a hot topic online.

Tony Labrusca has all the rights to abuse our fantasies. This is taken from another movie featured in iWant

Hello Stranger is a fantasy gift to the LGBTQI+ to see Tony partnered with another male actor.

The memes are so cool that you just want to share it 😂🤣

JC Alcantara is the biggest surprise that makes him one of the most desired “Boys” these days. The visuals and his acting are very impressive.

Taming a lion, that sounds so relevant right?!

Initially, the series started with a familiar plot of virtual conversations that can be compared with another BL series however the 2 lead actors are undeniably cute. In fact, they look good enough to match other mainstream love teams that I hope ABS-CBN could bank on for future projects.

Even this scene was intriguing for international audience

The marketing execution is expectedly consistent and almost seemed believable since the 2 actors have been engaging their personal social media accounts very well. The online memes and a strong media platform, nothing can go wrong to send the message across communities that are in lockdown.

Patrick Quiroz is also a delighting actor, the guy can sing!

Tomorrow is their final episode and there’s a ticket that is so affordable, so let’s support the show!

The show was able to optimize advantages and with surging demand for BLs then we just have to keep on supporting our favorite tandems so we can get sequels or even movies. If we ask for equality and inclusivity then showbiz industry can amplify our request.

Perhaps after this pandemic, kisses will be more real but just observe how intimate they were #XavMi
You did well boys #XavMi


Jeoff Solas

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