Cooking is Good for Mental Health

A recent poll of 1,005 Americans found that, of the 54 percent of respondents who were cooking more than before the pandemic, 75 percent now felt more confident in the kitchen. Fifty-one percent of respondents announced they would continue to cook more once this is all over.

I just watched The Gamechangers in Netflix and plant based diet is a good try 🌿😊

Studies indicate that all of this at-home cooking will likely make us healthier — and it might boost our mental health as well.

I also send special treats to friends, especially frontliners, celebrating birthdays.

Another study revealed that a little creativity and creation in the kitchen can make people happier. That study, published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, suggests that people who frequently take on small, creative projects like baking or cooking report feeling more relaxed and happier in their everyday lives. The researchers followed 658 people for about two weeks, and found that small, everyday projects in the kitchen made the group feel more enthusiastic about their pursuits the next day, food website Munchies reports.

I appreciate personal and creative wraps and advocates for environmental awareness

It has been my advantage that I have been working in hotel industry since 2009 and provided lectures in college to students taking hospitality & tourism. There I was fortunate to observe the culinary expertise of various Master chefs that eventually intrigued me to try it out during the lockdown.

I also do the groceries, not in any fancy shopping malls but in our community wet market where I meet the modest vendors.

I learned alot from listening to my elders, especially from my mom on how she haggles from one vendor to another. Truly this experience is memorable to me

I love using pure and local honey 🍯😍

As I reach home with my groceries, I act confidently to prepare my recipes thanks to YouTube and Google which have been my reliable references. My inclination to traditional or cultural recipes also helps me to adjust in the procedures, thus by far I call traditional and modern fusion. I’ve been purchasing more kitchenwares and utensils, like the one I’m using in dicing onions and garlics which my mom refer as genius tools that she wished to have back then.

BuyLocal is my favorite slogan, if we can help businesses within our communities then we can ensure less movements to other areas. Also this will empower our people who have lost their jobs during the pandemic.

I know that people differ on how to handle stress and the pandemic is very unique thus it requires more resilience.

Adobong Baboy sa Gata

Still food is a good remedy so cooking helps me to manage myself and a way to extend care to others. To my friends who are from a distance, like the more complicated cities, my manner of saying hello is when I just arrange food deliveries.

Let’s order from our neighbors and relatives, perhaps this can be an opportunity for them to become entrepreneurs and spend more time with their families than endure long hours of commuting.

Cooking and offering food to others seem more practical these days not only I help them fix anxiety but also comfort to their stomachs. The human senses are activated by food, thus this gesture of being thoughtful will be more notable.


Jeoff Solas


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