OPM for BL Series

Music gives a heartwarming impact to “Boys Love” series and with Bright Vachirawit coming up with a cover of “With a Smile” then we have more reasons to be proud of our songs, composers and singers. With popularity of Hello Stranger, “Kahit Anong Sabihin Nila” gives the fans more reasons to reminisce the 8-episode series which ended last August 19, 2020 and anticipate the upcoming movie from Black Sheep. The two series are supported by ABS-CBN while the former was popularized by GMMTV in Thailand.

Gamboys remains popular and consistent while Sakristan got a very promising start online but the line-up of songs of the latter got a strong support from Viva.

Following the recipe of Titanic movie success, then “My Heart Will Go On” will always be eternal. So songs do matter and this is the best time to have OPM enjoy the success of BL series.

In this playlist I added, other favorites like Moira dela Torre, Morissette Amon and Regine Velasquez.

Listen here Spotify OPM BL Series OST

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