How Tourism Biz is Adopting to the New Normal?

Rise Up Ph is one of the Facebook Groups where I get constant updates from biz colleagues, particularly on how to network and pivot to the New Normal caused by COVID 19 pandemic

The episode earlier was hosted by Exlinkevents with Orly Ballesteros along with co-panel of speakers:

Exlinkevents has been staging various events like Toycon and now it has pivoted to the digital platform via webinars or online shows.

Ramon Marinas of Bienvenido Tours and Monmari Consumer Goods Trading

Jacob Sarreal of Paabot.Ph

Jay Carpio of Carville Nature Farm

Yours truly shared projects from Citic Hotel Boracay, Comercio Central in Clark, Pampanga and Fitness Army, Inc. Currently, I use my digital platforms to categorize efforts through ThinkSmarter Collections and General Fitness Philippines.

Most of us are now into retail from personal hygiene or cleaning solutions, to ready to eat food to farm produce, and digital solutions or services.

We all have to remain optimistic and at the same time ACTIVE, we choose to do something now that #ThinkSmarter

The webinar is more of a friendly interaction as we learn from the stories of our struggles, and to our ingenious actions to maintain our productivity during the pandemic. As tourism is massively affected by the COVID19 pandemic and as we wait for government assistance, we opted to maintain our creativity and optimism to pursue passion.

We all agreed to become resourceful, tap our network and act Now!

Digital is getting a good focus these days but admittedly there’s a lot to improve particularly in strengthening the internet utility providers.

Our common denominator, we maintain our optimism that tourism will bounce back and for the meantime, we have to keep ourselves healthier.

Please watch the LIVE video provided above


Jeoff Solas

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