BaeDay: Support the VLOGs of JCTON XavMi

This was a funny portion in Tony Labrusca’s 1st Vlog

Since the Hello Together ended, Wednesdays will never be the same again, unless Black Sheep and ABS-CBN will come up with another season. We are happy to have an upcoming movie however we know it’s still uncertain when cinemas will be back again, unless it will be made available by stream through iWant. The fancon was a good test on how XavMi or JCTon fandoms are very much supportive, imagine an LED Billboard in EDSA!

For now, we love following them online, that includes their TikTok and Instagram (the latter intends to compete with the former while it’s dealing with security issues)

GOOD NEWS! They are now both in YouTube and thanks for the BTS of Hello Stranger and the chemistry is so amazing!

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I got touched of the episode where JC received an electronic toaster from Tony’s mom, where JC revealed that he is staying far from his mom.

JC wanted to make a prank call but he was busted when he dialed through his Viber
Finally Tony has a YouTube channel!

I’m an avid fan of XavMi, I got through fancon and shirts, plus created a playlist with all versions of “Kahit na anong Sabihin ng Iba”!

They have good chemistry together and they both have evolved as celebrities due to this project. Keep it up guys!


Jeoff Solas

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