Korean Drama: Sweet Munchies on Food Love and Boys Love

Dramas have begun addressing real world problems that people in the LGBTQI+ community face. While some dramas in the past were insensitive toward minority characters by outing them publicly against their will, recent TV series have been dealing with the intense psychological and emotional pressure that sexual minorities experience in Korean society.

Amid the buzz in BL or Boys Love, this genre is still very scarce in Kdrama and it’s my surprise to discover this series in Netflix and Viu apps. The series shows amazing culinary passion of a chef and restaurateur that can set an emotional nostalgia to a customer.

If you have seen Itaewon, then this is also a must-see 12-episode Kdrama series

In JTBC’s Sweet Munchies, Lee Hak-joo, who plays the role of genius designer Kang Tae-hwan, is attracted to Park Jin-sung, played by actor Jung Il-woo, who pretends to be gay in order to appear on a TV show. The three-way romance between the two and Park’s female lover was appealing to viewers.

The romance between male lead actors are subtle however both were able to show their respective personal struggles. This is perhaps why there is clamor from Kdrama, different from Thai BLs. They present more realistic stories which I find to be really good.

The show features a lot of good looking oppas

However, I’m also aware of how Koreans are also going through this process to achieve social inclusivity or SOGIE.

I am hoping for a Season 2, hopefully their roles could evolve further

Increased exposure to the LGBTQ community through film and television “can change prejudices and biased attitude towards them,” according to report by Kim Chul-kwon, a professor at Dong-a University.

However, there is still a long way to go.

Actors often suffer from negative perceptions from viewers after playing LGBTQ characters on screen.



Sweet Munchies: A love triangle built upon a lie


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