BaeDay: Jerome Ponce is a Gem in this BL series

I may sound an avid fan but observing Jerome Ponce in his previous projects “Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love” that included Tony Labrusca and Albie Casino, no wonder ABS-CBN included a highlight between him and Yves Flores.

I’m not sure if other love teams in the show are also being hyped by fandoms but I really find Phil & Benjie very promising though it might outshine other casts.

The boys in the upcoming BL series

Regal Entertainment is joining the bandwagon of BL series and this time as it experiments on Jerome Ponce and Teejay Marquez. Teejay is the glass-skin cutie influencer and this opportunity can make him more popular in mainstream if the chemistry could work.

Strong promotion online will be important and it should gather strong fandoms.


With Jerome Ponce as lead actor, it just needs the right story, hopefully they can come up with a theme song where we can always play in our music apps (check my Spotify playlist that features OPM songs from our favorite BL series)

Cute boys BenxJim

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