Mulan: Live Action Movie by Disney

The most intriguing, historical and fierce Disney princess is Mulan.

It’s also the 2nd animated movie to feature the singing voice of Broadway Superstar, Ms. Lea Salonga (1st was Aladdin as Princess Jasmine) and to include Christina Aguilera to cover the pop version of Reflections in 1998. The movie was a big hit earning $304 Million USD gross.

Scripted by four writers – including Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (who both wrote for Jurassic World ) – the plot begins as “northern invaders” storm China. The Emperor (Jet Li Lianjie) decrees that one man from every family must fight, but Mulan’s ailing father (Tzi Ma) is too weak. With barely a thought, Mulan disguises herself as a male, amusingly deepens her voice, and leaves home to join the fifth battalion. Here she will meet Commander Tung (Donnie Yen Ji-dan) and fellow recruit Chen Honghui (Yoson An), two characters based on Li Shang from the 1998 cartoon. “We’re going to make a man out of every single one of you,” promises the commander, though Mulan knows she’s destined to bring shame on her family (and worse) if she’s exposed for her gender deception.

A fabulous Gong Li also features as a witchlike character of “no country, no village, no family”, who comes into Mulan’s orbit.

With a production budget of US$200 million, Mulan distinguishes itself from most other Hollywood productions with its all-Asian cast. An says the increasing representation of Asians following the success of Crazy Rich Asians (2018) and The Farewell (2019) in the United States is an important industry change.

Liu Yifei said that the male disguise she wore while playing Mulan in Disney’s live-action remake was so convincing that even her castmates didn’t recognise her.

Yifei is best known for her work in Chinese movies, though western audiences may have seen her in films such as “The Forbidden Kingdom” and “Ip Man 3.” In “The Forbidden Kingdom,” Yifei costarred with Jackie Chan and Jet Li, who plays the Emperor in this live-action update of “Mulan.”

This is also to appreciate a new actor Yoson Oy, more reasons to watch the movie.

A Chinese-born and New Zealand-raised actor and filmmaker to play Chen Honghui and he is “a confident and ambitious recruit”, who we have never seen before in the original animated versions of Disney’s Mulan.

Meanwhile there’s also a petition to boycott Mulan due to a post of the actress with regards to the actress post.

“I support the Hong Kong police. You can beat me up now.” In a follow-up post, Liu confirmed her stance, writing, “I also support the Hong Kong police.”

It must be understood that the film is intended to Chinese audience that’s why it casted big Asian superstars so that it can be more authentic. Chinese audience has been very significant to support most global box office performance like Avatar and Avengers.

In addition to Liu’s pro-police views, the absences of fan-favorite characters from the 1998 animated version, such as Mulan’s spunky dragon protector, Mushu, and “bisexual icon” Li Shang. (Many believe army General Shang is bi because he shows interest in Mulan both before and after she is revealed to be a woman.)

Why should we give it a chance?

This movie can be considered as BL or Boys Love to romanticize 2 male actors or at least a female perceived as male.

The story uplifts the role of women in our history, if we love Tomb Raider, Charlie’s Angels, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Wonder Woman then this must be cool!

It’s Asian! The rise of Kpop from Black Pink, to BTS then Mulan is after all the first Asian princess of Disney.

Action and fight scenes- if you love swords or kung fu like Monkey King then this is the movie to watch!

We did physical labor for four hours a day. And it was basically like very intense physical training. It made you feel like you were working in the fields all day,” he revealed of the stunt, archery and horseback riding training – Chen Tang

So for whatever reason, Mulan is a must-watch 😊


Jeoff Solas

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