Park Bo-gum VS Byeon Woo-seok

Streaming now in Netflix

It’s a fashion rivalry between two (2) gorgeous Korean male leads in the latest KDrama “Record of Youth”.

Netflix has released 2 initial episodes and we already love the story unraveling the bromance of the two male leads amid their difference of economic lifestyles, yup not a BL series however it emphasizes how each character will persevere towards achieving their passion, in this case, it’s in fashion and movie.

Park Bo-gum may have trended recently due to his entry to the military training (it’s important to South Korea) and rest assured that the whole series is ready for airing.

On September 9th KST, a photo of actor Park Bo Gum was released. Park Bo Gum is seen in his military attire and wearing a mask as he poses with a group of Navy trainees.
Park Bo Gum enlisted in the Navy and entered the Navy Education Command in Jinhae, Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province on August 31st.

Let us also include the very lucky lady Park So-dam, who is a promising HMUA (hair and make-up artist) who fangirls at the very persevering Park Bo-Gum.

The show also reveals their respective personal struggles, either from their respective families or work.

I admire how they establish the issues of relationships of Park Bo-Gum (Sa Hye-jun) with his father, brother, grandfather, and their interactions with each other.

This is a good KDrama, watch it!


Jeoff Solas

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