Star Cinema brings Joao and Jameson in a New BL Movie

Two (2) boys coming from their respective boyband stints are casted by Star Cinema to be in the Boys Love trend.

Expectation is high since ABS-CBN came up with a very successful BL series Hello Stranger and a new movie is also coming up!

Quoting from ABS Cbn news:

The two actors will star in an upcoming Boys Love (BL) movie that’s set during the COVID-19 pandemic while Manila is on lockdown. Adhering to the “new normal” operating practices and protocols, only 10% of the movie was shot on-location but in the most cautious way possible. According to sources close to the production, it was shot mostly at home by the cast members. Joao and Jameson were sent cameras and lapels and were tasked to set-up for their scenes by themselves, and were directed and guided via Zoom.

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