It’s a Go: Gameboys Movie and Season 2

Kokoy De Santos and Elijah Canlas have proven their chemistry during the pandemic with Gameboys the series

The IdeaFirst Company made a brilliant project by showcasing amazing young actors.

Aside from the two male leads, Adrianne So who played the role of ex GF turned to most reliable “sister from another mother” was refreshing.

How about the 3rd wheelers?

Kyle Velino, the hard-to-move-on ex of Kokoy and Miggy Jimenez, the Bukidnon childhood friend (who later on admitted to have a crush on his pal) of Cairo. They do look good together!

With 13 episodes with significant YouTube views, good sponsors, the BL production was given a green signal to proceed with a movie and Season 2.

I won’t discuss what happened in the last episode, just click the PLAY button below.

What can we look forward?

A beautiful Bukidnon where Cairo’s family are staying for good, but will he stay there as planned?

As a usual struggle in romantic stories, rekindling memories with childhood friends are quite tough as competition, it will be intriguing on how Miggy can challenge Kokoy to probably visit the province.

I really think that an out of town escapade can improve the cinematograhy of the succeeding projects.

My wish, I hope they can have more interesting theme song and I can’t help but affirm the good acting of the cast that they deserve more scenes or moments.

Definitely we will look forward for them to be back and hopefully there’s a TV station to boost them further in the mainstream.


Jeoff Solas

Here’s another BL series coming this September 26, Saturday #BoybandLoveTheSeries

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