JC Alcantara’s Goes Sentimental

Let me quote the exact words as posted by JC Alcantara in his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jcalcantaraofficial/

Hi everyone! Im JC Alcantara and I am excited to share with you today my version of family tree. As we all know, a strong tree comes with strong roots and so as mine. Like a tree, our family remains strong even after huge storms over the years because of our strong roots which is our parents. Thanks to their’ resilience on battling all life’s challenges and keeping our family intact, standing brave and standing tall. Humbled with all the life’s learnings, my father and mother has remained our family’s solid foundation and serves as my ultimate inspiration. I'll start with my father. He is my hero. For the longest time, he has engaged himself to construction works(im proud of him) to provide for our family. He doesn’t know how and when to rest as long as he is assured that he provided everything we need. A man of pure passion, love and dedication, this is how I describe my father. A great provider as he is, he has been successful on raising us into the best way possible. I am proud of my father, for all the sacrifices he made. My mother has always been a symbol of unconditional love and incomparable care. Vowed to provide all we need as we grow up, she then decided to work overseas in Dubai to seek opportunities of a stable work. But her fate wasn’t that fortunate as we hope. She was forced to go back to the Philippines as her employer is abusing her physically, mentally and emotionally. But her unfortunate fate doesn’t stop her. As she went back, she immediately looked for a job to help my father on raising us the best way possible. Today, its now time pay them back. We are now sourcing the spot in the public market in our province where we will be opening a small business I am providing them. A bigasan store thats for sure will be the way for them to experience the hard times they went through before. My mother and father was blessed with 4 children that includes me and my other 3 siblings. I've got two older brothers who were named Paul John and John Mark. Both of my kuya's were already married and now living their lives with their own-raised families. For sure, they are making our mother and father as their inspiration on striving hard to provide to their families and make sure that they attend to all of the family needs. John Paulo is our youngest. He is still studying and currently at Grade 10 in one of the schools in the province. Young as he is, he brings joy to our family. Currently, I am providing him with all the things he needs in school. I always thank the Lord for giving me opportunities to make all these things possible. Now, I was able to help my mother and father on supporting John Paulo's schooling. Lastly, I'd like to share the story of our family tree's last member which is me. I am John Carlo, JC as many would call me. Born and raised in Nueva Ecija, I used to spend most of my time with my precious family.When I was a kid, I always dream to become someday one of those artists appearing on TV. I always wonder how their lives our going, and how are they, through their chosen passion helps their families. This has been my ultimate dream ever since. I am holding on this dream as I progressed on my early stages of education in the province. But my education path isnt the same as others. After finishing high school, I opted not to continue with my college life and chose to chase my dream as young as I am. With a brave heart and soul, I've been through many challenges and and hard times on making my dream into reality. For the past 3 years that I wasnt in school studying as compare to a regular teenager, I have been through ups and downs. There comes a time that I feel exhausted of getting through VTRs and lots of auditions but all are not materializing into a TV project. I get depressed and thought of my decision was big mistake. I could have opted to continue my life in the province and pursue my studies. But all my depressions came to stop as a big blessing came my way. Finally, my ultimate prayer has been answered. It was the happiest day for me, as finally, I will get the chance to see myself on TV through a commercial. And the blessings didn’t stop there, left and right, industry's biggest brands ( COCA-COLA Philippines , TNTph , Lucky Me Pancit canton, Jollibee , Manulife Philippines Presto Creams and to my agency Monaco Models and Casting Agency Etc.) were able to see me and wanted me to be part of their TVC campaigns. With all these things happening around and continue pouring, I was able to provide a better shelter for my family. My dream house for them is now close to completion. Also, my dream to continue my education to college has been unlocked. Today, as a student, I am enjoying every piece of learnings taught in school. With my ever grateful heart, I am lifting all my praises to the Lord almighty on making these things possible. “NO ONE AND NOTHING SHOULD STOP YOU FROM DREAMING” : this is what I have realized. All things will happen in its appropriate time. Don’t stop believing. Strive hard, and you’ll see your sacrifices will be paid off. #ThankGod #Humble #Inspired #Motivation #Successful #Faith

Ps: pinost ko lang ulit, eto yung nag school pako 😭 Nakakamiss mag aral. Ang sarap balikan lahat kung san ako galing ❤️ Kaya sobrang grateful ko at laging nag papasalamat sa mga taong tumulong sakin at kay Lord 🙏🏻 Kahit ang layo na ng nararating ko. Never ako mag babago kung saan ako galing babalik at babalik ako never akong makakalimot 🙏🏻

I’m truly a fan, so join us and let’s continue to supprt this wonderful boy, and we call him JC!


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