Tony Labrusca Deletes his Personal Vlog & Brings it Back!

What’s the best way to know the celebrity or person? You get it straight from them!

I admire Tony labrusca for getting the record straight and he addressed common misconceptions about him like snobbish, hot tempered and some even questions his sexuality. In his self-confessed video he admitted that he is straight but still he respects all types of genders and sexuality. Due to this, for some uncertain reasons, he deleted it and posted on twitter with an apology.

Who’s your daddy?

Did XavMi or JCTon fans got disappointed? Is Tony pressured of the love team clamor or is he really giving JC romance a chance?

I hope the vlog will be reposted, it’s a good content for discussion since we really appreciate his efforts to reveal himself and his conjectures were spontaneous.

Finally, it’s back! Thank you Tony and please watch it below


Jeoff Solas

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