BaeDay Slambook: Alec Kevin

No doubt that this picture was taken during a birthday party!

Alec seemed to be a well travelled lad and he recently graduated in UP.

With the recent conclusions of BL series Hello Stranger and Gameboys, Ticket2Me is giving us another treat by October 15 with Boys Lockdown the Series. BaeDay is one of the social media pages who first announced the auditions for this show and we are happy to know more about this Chinito boy, Alec!

You might probably want to know more about Alec, so please click PLAY in the videos below
Alec is joined by Ali King in the upcoming BL series: Boys Lockdown the Series by Ticket2Me (watch out for our feature on Ali)
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We love the poster so much that’s why we gave it a shout out for the Manila Bay Challenge

Alec has a deep full voice and he admitted in his interviews that he is now bulking up, and we are happy to check what is hidden under those shirt boy!

If you want to know him more, follow his online accounts and support Ticket2Me

This is indeed an awesome time for BLs!


Jeoff Solas

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