Netflix: Emily in Paris

I would love to see its Season 2!

It talks about marketing strategy in the digital era, the beauty of using strategic campaigns and usually the pitfall of not knowing brand value and customer experience.

Emily used to handle medical accounts who shifted to fashion, a usual company would ask your background but digital marketing is more on understanding customer behaviors like technographics (online behavior).

It also gives a lesson of determination and taking risk averse decisions that older people may not understand but the pandemic created a vivid idea of why ALL companies should tap digital policies asap.

Initially I thought it was a French version of Devil Wears Prada but it aimed to be more different from the iconic movie where Emily (yup familiar name right?!) is working as a top performing employee of a Marketing agency in America and was sent to Paris to help a local agency, Savoir, catering to luxury companies as it still struggles in digital marketing.

Her female boss, commented that digital marketing destroys the exclusivity of luxury. This is somehow relatable in the Philippines but as the French iconic stylist character in the show lamented, Pierre Cadault, the people who were wearing his dresses are dying! Thus he resrted to a rush breakthrough during the Paris Fashion Week.

Yes we have a charming Asian who sings beautifully the La Vie en Rose

Emily in Paris dresses better and has been dating a lot of gorgeous men in the series. She is more equipped of becoming a social butterfly who can charm her clients, colleagues and even her rivals.

Gabriel is gorgeous and more to love about chefs!

It is interesting to observe French culture and on how the cute chef resisted for his pan to be washed with soap due to its seasoning. As someone who is fond of cooking recently, I’ve been acquiring iron cast pans from Lodge and totally can relate!

This is now available for streaming in Netflix with 10 episodes of 30 minutes each. Watch it!

Are you a fan of BL series?

Here’s a project of our friends from Star cast Entertainment: Boyband Love the Series. It is available both in Filmcity and Gagaoolala. It’s a 9-episode online series that airs ahead in the apps mentioned earlier, then also streams for free in YouTube. Watch below.

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