BaeDay Gives Tickets to Fans of Boys Lockdown

Pandemic continues to hit entertainment industry and a lot of independent outfits and businesses are looking for opportunities and one interesting trend these days is producing BL series. Boys Love series is flourishing globally in a massive and robust way, we have posted numerous projects earlier about this .

As an independent publisher, we optimize our attention to notable projects and whenever we observe rooms for improvements, we rather convey our message directly to the producers or actors instead of taking a spotlight away from them. We believe that creative freedom could pave the way for empowering the industry and for everybody’s mental health we should be more constructive with our criticisms.

Ticket2Me is doing an impressive job while taking a big stake by introducing new actors backed up by very good production crew.

It was supposed to be just the premier episode, however, as we notice the quality of each episode, our team has decided to give-away 10 tickets to 10 lucky fans.

Why only 10?

Well it is tedious sending e-mails but we are planning to do something more exciting for the coming days!

Meanwhile, make sure to visit BaeDay and we wanted to support more productions. We believe that BL or Boys Love series are helping in cascading a message of inclusivity and perhaps our government would finally support SOGIE BIll.

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