Regal’s Ben x Jim is a BL Powerhouse

Regal Entertainment has been in the entertainment industry for 50 years and Ben x Jim’s production is incomparable due to various technical factors.

Then what should it be challenged with?

To witness their continuous evolution for more years to come and ability to tap newcomers in the industry.

The Actors

Jerome Ponce is a gift, he is brilliant and charming and capable to sustain popularity whoever he is paired with. In short, he is truly an actor!

Teejay Marquez has been a familiar face as online ambassador and finally he is given the right project where he can establish further his fandom and be able to translate his online fans to real engagement like gaining views in his first lead role in a series, and eventually for his fans to pay tickets for his movies.

Other opportunities:

Regal, my unsolicited advice, can be more relevant perhaps by coming up with a platform where they can get more premium. Their creative production is undeniably strong but it’s time for them to step up and think of being a streaming portal or app.

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